Work with us! 

We are always looking for the best people who love to learn and who believe in what they are doing, who have the right attitude. Minimal culture is based on team-work, open communication and high standards. These principles are the basis of our personal commitment with the task of focusing on our customers’ satisfaction.

Minimal offers their employees a dynamic environment with open communication where their ideas and opinions are valued. We believe that each of our employees have their superiority. So we support them to fully contribute to bring Minimal become a leader in Indonesia’s fashion industry. Interested in working with us? What are you waiting for?

Please send your CV to and mention the department  code at email subject.



Marketing: MKT                                                 Sales: SLS        

Human Resources: HRD                                   Buying & Merchandising: BNM

Graphic Design: GRP                                        Fashion Design: FSHD

Warehouse & Distribution: WHD                       E-commerce: EC

Finance Accounting: FA                                     Business Development: BD

Information Technology: IT